Artist Application 

LGBTQ Mural Project 

This project is a collaborative effort of Rainbow Over Wisconsin, Art Garage, Old Main Street Inc., The Pollination Project/Canary Fund, and United Arts. The original idea grew out of a conversation between Martha and United Arts (UA). UA is a group of artists, representatives from various higher education institutions, art galleries, and underrepresented communities. UA is dedicated to supporting and promoting artists on the margins and providing ways and means for underrepresented communities to be seen and have their voices heard. All of our community partners understand the need, and the importance of, LGBTQ visibility in Green Bay. 

Proposal Information 

Project Goals

  • To recruit an underrepresented artist or artists to design a mural that would celebrate the presence and contributions of the LGBTQ community in NE Wisconsin. 

  • To install a mural on the Southeast side of the building located at 1351 Cedar St., Green Bay, WI.

  • To participate in an unveiling celebration that would involve the arts community, the local business community, civic leaders, people from the neighborhood and the LGBTQ community.

Selection Process

  • A representative committee, or jury, consisting of the building owners, representatives from UA, neighborhood association, the LGBTQ community and other supporters of the project will review project proposals. 

  • Three to five artists and artist groups will be selected and offered a stipend of $100.00 to design and provide a preliminary sketch for the mural and optional chimney space.

  • The jury committee will review sketches and will select an artist or group of artists for the project.

  • The project coordinator and jury committee will work with the selected artist, to review a final rendering of the mural and optional chimney space, work out any other details concerning a contract that would outline and more detailed budget, use of volunteers, specific fees to be paid, review liability insurance, a timeline for installation and date for unveiling celebration.



Application Requirements

Questions and completed application materials should be submitted digitally, using word, pdf, or jpg formats to the project coordinator – Martha at united-arts@googlegroups.comApplications due no later than the close of the day on March 15, 2021. Please put “Napalese Mural Application” in the email subject line. You will need - 

  • Completion of an Artist Application Form which includes:

  • Project proposal description to include how this work affirms and celebrates the presence and contributions of the LGBTQ community in NE Wisconsin.

  • Preliminary rough sketch or sketches

  • Possibilities for engaging volunteers in the execution of the mural

  • Up to four images of the applicant’s prior work

For more information, please review our Proposal Information document above. 

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